Edgar the Atheling

by Wiht

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Zhakathoom Instrumental goodness out the wazoo! Fantastic storytelling! This is the kind of epic stuff I really love discovering. This time it was through Tad Proshansky and Stewe Howe in the Hard Rock Revolution facebook group. If you're seeing this guys; Thanks!
Also got the vinyl of The Harrowing of the North through devouter records. (no links allowed..)
Colin M.
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Colin M. Awesome track. Picks up right where the impressive "Harrowing in the North" left off. I'm glad these guys are back together and can't wait to see what they come up with next!
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger An epic from the olde book of heavy ....
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New Wiht track 'Edgar the Atheling'.

If you are bothered about the story behind the track then read this, if you are not, do not bother and just listen to the track, loud!!

"Essentially the way we see it is that the Harrowing of the North told the story of the raids from the point of the view of William the Conqueror, this next piece of music we are doing follows on from that but tells the story of the raids from the point of the view of rebels.

This Edgar chap, well basically he should have been the king but he was too young and weak to defend himself and he got done over royally by William. When Edward the Confessor died, there was no direct line of succession but Edgar would have been the rightful heir. It was obviously well known that Edward the Confessor had no kids and in the time leading up to him popping his clogs, it stirred a lot of interest across Europe, as various Kings and Lords across the continent saw this as an opportunity to take the crown as theirs.

Harold Godwinson was elected as King by the council as they thought he was a better shout than Edgar in the fact he had some military experience and it was felt he was better equipped to take the country to war against William. Anyway, Harold got done in at Hastings and William marched on London to take the crown. Edgar then fled North to escape William and his army.

A few years later, with the support of the Scottish King and a few other lords in the North, Edgar became the figurehead of the revolt against William, the revolt that eventually led to the Harrowing raids. Edgar had some early successes at the beginning of the raids, defending York against the advancing Normans and although he managed to get military support from Denmark, he was eventually defeated and ran of back to Scotland where he married a woman called Morag and set up a shop selling shortbread and kilts (that part, I lied)

We all loved the concept of the last record. It is such a vast piece of history that goes on and on, it seemed a shame to just leave it on ‘The Harrowing’. I guess for people that listen to our music, the idea of a concept; you can take it or leave it. Some like the fact the music can be set against a story – the listener can almost make up their own mind about what the music means in context of the concept. Others just like the music and ignore the story!"


released July 6, 2015



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